Holidays Program

Level 1 - Jewish Literacy

Holidays Program

Program Overview

Yeshiva Temimei Darech has been home to a thriving community shul for over 15 years. It has the reputation rich soulful davening with the power of true chassidix joy. Come spend the holidays with our warm family-like community. Enjoy classes, services, life altering farbrenges and tsfat’s one of a kind spiritually. Five-star accommodations


Needs Dates


Tsfat, Israel

Complete Educational Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Chumash Study

Get a solid understanding of the stories and characters in the Torah by following the weekly portion in both English and Hebrew

Beginner Talmud

Using a revolutionary level by level system this class is designed to take anyone from level 0 to proficiency level. In 6 months you will be able to learn a page of Talmud by yourself.

Meditation & Prayer

Understand the structure and flow of the siddur and use it to have deep and meaningful prayer that stirs the soul.

Kabbalah & Mysticism

Jewish mysticism – Unlocking Inspiration

City Of Kabbalah

About Tsfat

One of the most beautiful and spiritually charged places in the world. The place where Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism was developed this small mountain village will be sure to capture your heart and enchant your soul. It’s open and friendly community is the perfect place to strengthen your roots.

Who Is This For?

This program is for students if:

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